Mobile Photo: The Living Room

Ten, ten, ten, ten, ten [10:10, 10/10/10]

I decided to go on a bike ride/photo hunt to celebrate 10:10 on 10/10/10. I tried to find 1010 NW 10th Avenue, and 1010, SW 10th Avenue, but neither one exists. Google maps confirms that 1010 NE 10th and 1010 SE 10th don’t exist either. I wanted to take a photo of the huge clock in Pioneer Square showing 10:10am, but apparently that clock doesn’t work, so I had to settle for the digital one at the Chase bank. It was a miserably rainy day and it was hard to get good quality photos. I had to do a lot of Photoshop work to make them presentable, but here they are:

This is where 1010 SW 10th Ave should be.

This is where 1010 NW 10th Ave should be.

10:10 on 10/10/10

Powell’s Books at NW 10th & Burnside, not Couch

10 NW 10th doesn’t exist either.

Big #10

Vertical gold #10

Flashing #10

PARK(ing) Day

A friend of mine worked with several local companies and organizations to create miniature parks all around Portland for PARK(ing) Day. PARKing Day is a one-day event where artists, activists, and citizens collaborate to temporarily transform parking spots into temporary public parks. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate this year and there didn’t seem to be as many people out enjoying the parks. I plan to help create one next year. Here’s a photo of the PARK(ing) space on North Mississippi Avenue.

Portland’s Favorite

I created the logo and branding for a new cable access TV show called Portland’s Favorite. I can only give you a small taste of it now, but once the show is finished I’ll let you know when it will air. I also did some Flash animation for the show, so stay tuned for that as well.

Digital Head

I was thinking about doing a little self-rebranding and wanted to figure out a way to show that I can work digitally and by hand, and create art for print and for the web. This is my attempt at digitizing my head in both halftone dots and pixels. It’s an interesting image, but I think it’s a bit weird to have someone’s multi-colored head staring at you when you look at their logo. I’m not going to use it in my re-branding, but I think it’s at least worth showing off.


I designed this graphic to go inside the forefoot pod of the Nike Air Zoom Flight Five iD Basketball Shoe, which was intended to have a Japanese samurai-inspired theme. They decided to stay with the hex web pattern graphic instead, but I still think my graphic could’ve worked really well.

Mobile Photo: The Palms

Skilly & Sadie

As a wedding present for my friends April and Rob I painted them an abstract portrait of their dog and cat: Skilly and Sadie. It was a huge challenge to try to capture both animals’ spirits and images while avoiding the cliche pet portrait.

Mobile Photos: Lego Star Wars

Sunlan Lighting’s storefront display combines two of my favorite things from childhood.

MUSE poster

I designed a poster for 94.7’s MUSE poster competition. For some reason they never put it up on their site to be rated, but I really like how it turned out. I tried to keep with MUSE’s space theme since they’re really obsessed with it. I also incorporated fractals and a crop circle. The long number at the bottom is 94 ÷ 7, since KNRK likes to brand themselves as “94/7.”

Mobile Photo: Antlerbike

Opal Creek

I went hiking at Opal Creek and got to see the amazing old ghost town at Jawbone Flats which has been turned into the Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center. Several decades ago it was a mining town and you can still see a lot of the old buildings, machinery and equipment. Here’s a shot from inside one of the old mill buildings on the way up:

Mobile Photo: Can’t Stop Nature


I discovered a really great blog that described how to make Peepshi. They sound disgusting, but actually taste pretty good. I brought some to my friends’ Easter gathering and it was a huge hit.

Mobile Photo: Disco Ganesha

Common Ground Wellness Barter

I love freelance bartering. I get to help someone out by giving them graphic design and get repaid in something I really want. Everyone wins and no one feels cheated. I designed a postcard for the Common Ground Wellness Center and got a massage in exchange. What a deal!

Mobile Photo: Water Tower Monster

I can’t decide if it looks more like a giant mechanical beast or some kind of UFO with legs.

Mobile Photo: Scribble

I found this at a coffee shop in the kids’ play area. Some brilliant little artist created a wonderful abstract drawing. I think it’s pure genius.

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