Cold Brew


While freelancing at North I designed some animated banners for Peet’s Cold Brew, featuring a bottle causing around Northern and Southern California. These were sent out-of-house for the final animated web files, so here are JPGs of the different scenes:

Northern California Version:

Southern California Version:

Northern California Version:


Southern California Version:


Northern California Version:


Southern California Version:



Northwest AcroYoga Summer Camp Out


I’ve designed all of the promotional materials for the Northwest AcroYoga Summer Camp Out since it first began 6 years ago. It’s been such a huge success that it’s expanding to two events in two different locations this year. I revamped the poster this year to represent both locations with Mount Hood and Mount Baker in the background. I also included a couple of easter eggs for careful observers.

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The Space Between


I often do photography and design work for Tempos Contemporary Circus, a local acrobatic and physical theatre performance group. I designed a poster for their upcoming show using a photograph from their art director. Here’s the final image:

I did a lot of retouching and recoloring of the original photograph, and to add texture I also overlaid copies of the morse code O from the logo I designed for them a few years ago. In case you hadn’t figured it out the dots and dashes spell out “T-e-m-p-o-s.”


original Tempos logo Morse code O


Be sure to catch their show:



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Rose City Acro Ninjas



in 2012 there were 24 acro yogis from Portland who went down to San Francisco for the Divine Play Acro Yoga Festival. I designed team shirts for us and we all wore shiny gold pants. We made such a great impression that the next year they decided to start holding the festival here in Portland. Every year since I’ve designed a new team shirt for the “Rose City Acro Ninjas” to wear at the festival. Instead of just one new design this year, I’ve updated all of the previous designs with new typography and graphics, and created a fourth design inspired by all of the previous designs.



IDL and UA


I did some work for the Under Armour team at IDL Worldwide. One of the most exciting projects I got to work on was a bunch of POP displays for UA shoes in Fred Meyer stores. The first store to install the new displays was the Hollywood (Portland) store. Please excuse the low-quality phone pics with terrible store lighting. I wasn’t able to bring my DSLR into the store to take better ones.

Fred-Meyer-Tables-2  Fred-Meyer-Tables-1

Fred-Meyer-Tables-4  Fred-Meyer-Tables-3



When you get your Chinook Books this year, be sure to look out for the Gladys Bikes ad I whipped up for them. It stars my friend Julia and her bike. Photo credit: Christie Spillane.


Acro Yoga Video



I decided to try out some videography and video editing. My friends Hobs and Angela wanted a little promo video to demonstrate what they do.
Here’s what I put together.
(Music credit: Emancipator – Elephant Survival)

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Tempos presents Morae


Some of my friends are putting on a performance next month featuring acrobatics, dance and contemporary circus. I made them a poster and a postcard to help advertise. We chose an image from their previous performance that exemplifies some of the performance elements that they will use in this next performance, even though it wasn’t the highest quality photo. I also did their logo and branding. I tried to make them seem both classic and contemporary, while implying pulse and movement.


All Together Now


I designed a poster and some handbills for an event last month called All Together Now, put on by Community Supported Everything.

ATN posterATN card2

Rose City Acro Ninja Shirts


I designed shirts for my acroyoga friends to show unity at the Divine Play festival in San Francisco.

Dressed up at the festival.



Oregon Ducks


The delay between when I work on something and when I can share it with the internet is sometimes pretty long. I created the web images for the Oregon Ducks’ football jerseys a couple of months ago, but had to keep them under wraps. Now that they’ve released all five colorways I can show you what I did. I made all 5 colorways  from a single image capture and added the numbers. The graphics were particularly difficult since I had to show some of them in reflective and glossy inks.


Nike Football League


Every new job or project I work on requires me to wait until the final product gets released out into the world before I can show anyone what I’ve done. In this case I’ve had to wait more than 4 months before I could show off the NFL jersey images I worked on for Nike’s Licensed Apparel group. These things were so under-wraps that we were told not to show them to anyone – not even other people in our building. Most of the jerseys looks very similar to the ones the teams wore last year, with the exception of the Seahawks. The main differences are in the construction and tailoring.

Here’s a sample of how I transformed the original photographs into the images that are now up on the web. I worked on many different jersey styles and teams, but I’m chosing to show the Bengals’ Elite jersey because it was by far the most difficult. I had to completely change the color-blocking, edit the seams, and figure out how the tiger stripes were supposed to go onto the shoulders.

Check out the rest here and here.

Webtrends 404


I designed a 404 error page for Webtrends’ new website. Webtrends new branding for the site is very reminiscent of Massimo Vignelli’s design for the NYC subway system. Since the 404 page is generally something you see when you’re lost on the site, I made it look like the map Vignelli designed in 1972.

Graphic Icons


Here are some graphic icons I did for Webtrends that never got used for anything. I still like how they turned out.

Q-beRt Code


Q-beRt Code

Retro Game-Geek Studio


Today was decoration day at the studio. After our big studio remodel everything was clean and white and we needed a little more personality. Today we added a bit of flair: a giant Post-It Pac-Man with some ghosts on the wall, and Space Invaders above the windows.

Meme Cube


One of my coworkers is obsessed with internet memes. I replaced the three generic images on her glass cube paperweight with 3 of her favorite memes.

Now she can change the image you see in the cube depending on her mood. If she’s happy, she’ll see Nyan Cat.

If she’s mad she can turn it so it shows Y U No guy.

And if she can’t decide what mood she’s in she can choose “Why not Zoidberg?”

Social Survival Kit


I designed a “Social Media Survival Kit” to be given away at the Webtrends booth at OMMA Global last week. The idea was to grab conference attendees’ attention by giving them objects that they would have to collect instead of a cliche postcard or brochure. The Social Survival Manual had a checklist that explained what the different objects were supposed to teach you about Social Media. I designed a click finger, a target, a tabloid newspaper, a temporary nyancat tattoo, a 30 billion dollar bill, and a “Webtrendo” controller.

Bingo Scratch-off


Webtrends was a sponsor at Connections 2011 in Indianapolis. I designed bingo scratch-off giveaways for the booth. This was a fun project for me because I love developing games and fostering real, human interactions. I developed the game mechanism, and designed the cards based on lottery scratch-offs. There were three ways to win. If you got a horizontal or vertical bingo you won a free App from Webtrends Social. If you got a diagonal bingo you won an iTunes gift card. If you got all four corners you won the grand prize: a Jawbone Jambox.

Grand prize card with silver scratch-off

Diagonal bingo card: Second prize winner

Horizontal bingo card: third prize winner

Card back with instructions and rules

Midwest Realignment (reblogged)


This subject keeps coming up for me, so I’m reblogging it so no one has to dig through my blog archive. Not that you shouldn’t dig through it – there’s great stuff in there.

For years it has bothered me that the area called the “Midwest” includes states like Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. Geographically, that just doesn’t make sense. The term “Mid” implies that they should be near the center of the country, and “west” implies they should be west of that center. But what is the “middle” of the U.S.?


The Mississippi River has always served as the unofficial border between the East and West of the U.S. However, the population center of the U.S. is in southern Missouri. The geographic center of the lower 48 states is in northern Kansas. The center between the two major continental divides is about halfway between those two points. The borders of 11 states seem to make up a very distinct border between East and West – Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and the Dakotas on one side, and Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana on the other. I would argue that those 11 states should be considered the “Middle” of the country. Anything east of those states should be considered “Eastern.”

Therefore I propose we use more Geographically accurate classifications for states:midwest2

A really cool new company called The Social Dept., made this awesome poster that reinforces my point. And they’re from Ohio.