Play-at-Engage icon design

Webtrends created a mobile game called “Play-at-Engage” for Engage 2012, their Digital Marketing convention in San Francisco. It was kind of a cross between Foursquare and Flickr, designed to show how Mobile and Social media can be used as marketing tools. The goal was to go around taking pictures of things and posting them for various challenges. I designed 25 buttons to be given out as badges and prizes during the game. The images were also used as icons for each of the challenges within the game itself.

Play-at-Engage buttons
Left-to-right, top-to-bottom: Wildlife, Photobomb, Genius, Artist, Objects, Me Myself & I, Gala, Ze Frank, At the Hotel, Webtrends, Swag, Technology, Night at the Museum, You and ___, San Francisco, Photographer, Underachiever, Most Popular, Inspired Liker, Most Creative, Badger Badge, Easy Rider, Medium Rare, Hard Knock Life, Blackout


Here are some detailed images of the various icons:

WildlifeArtistic Me, Myself & IGalaGeniusTechnologyEasy RiderMedium RareHard Knock LifeBest Photograph Photobomb UnderachieverBadger Badge (most badges)

Night at the Museum Webtrends You and ___ Objects Partner Pavilion Swag Out & About in San Francisco

Most Creative Inspired Liker Most Popular Blackout Ze Frank


I also designed the navigation button icons for the game:

Navigation Buttons


Challenges Log In

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