The Dandy Warhols with Eric Hedford

Last week I was at the Woods in Sellwood again (see the blog archive), this time for In the Cooky Jar, a monthly soul DJ dance night. DJ Cooky (also of Loch Lomond and Y La Bamba fame) played tons of rare cuts from his 45 collection.

Six days later I went to the University Chapel to see the Dandy Warhols play with their original drummer, Eric Hedford. Eric left the band several years ago to start some of his own projects, including We are Telephone and DJ Aquaman. This was the only time he’s played with the Dandys in 12 years, except for the final show at Satyricon back in October. It was part of Google Hotpot’s Best Ever Concert Series. I guess Google is trying to steal some of Yelp’s thunder by making us think they’re “local.” We’ll see. However, I was happy to take them up on a free show with one of my favorite bands.

They were both really great shows and it was interesting to see non-religious music played in two places that are usually considered sacred. It felt a little incongruous, but weirdly comfortable at the same time. I wonder where I’ll find myself experiencing music next week. Maybe at a funk show in a monastery or a rave in a mausoleum. Keep Portland weird, I guess.