Every new job or project I work on requires me to wait until the final product gets released out into the world before I can show anyone what I’ve done. In this case I’ve had to wait more than 4 months before I could show off the NFL jersey images I worked on for Nike’s Licensed Apparel group. These things were so under-wraps that we were told not to show them to anyone – not even other people in our building. Most of the jerseys looks very similar to the ones the teams wore last year, with the exception of the Seahawks. The main differences are in the construction and tailoring.

Here’s a sample of how I transformed the original photographs into the images that are now up on the web. I worked on many different jersey styles and teams, but I’m chosing to show the Bengals’ Elite jersey because it was by far the most difficult. I had to completely change the color-blocking, edit the seams, and figure out how the tiger stripes were supposed to go onto the shoulders.

Check out the rest here and here.