Webtrends hosted a huge Digital Marketing convention in San Francisco last week. To show how companies can use Mobile and Social media to engage with people we created a mobile game called Play at Engage – kind of a cross between Foursquare and Flickr. The goal was to go around taking pictures of things and posting them for various challenges. I designed the navigation button icons for the game:

nav buttons
Left to Right: "Challenges, Rules, Home, Settings, Log In, Help, Explore, Leader Board, Badges, Log Out"

I also designed 25 buttons to be given out as badges and prizes during the game:

Left to right: "Me Myself & I, Webtrends, Partner Pavilion (schwag), Artistic, Objects, You and ___, Technology, At the Hilton, Night at the Museum, Gala, Out & About in S.F., Wildlife, Nightlife, Blackout, Badger, Underachiever, Easy Rider, Medium Rare, Hard Life, Inspired Liker, Best Photographer, Photobomb, Genius, Creative, Ze Frank"

The first 13 buttons were awarded for the completion of each of the 13 challenges. The Blackout badge was given to anyone who completed all of the challenges. The Badger badge was given to whoever had the most badges and Underachiever was given to the person with the least number of photos uploaded. The Easy Rider badge was for anyone who completed all of the easiest challenges, Medium Rare was for anyone who did all of the medium hard challenges, and Hard Life was for anyone who completed all of the hardest challenges. Inspired Liker was given to anyone who liked a lot of other people’s photos. Best Photographer is self-explanatory. The Photobomb button was given to anyone who was caught photobombing someone else’s photo. The Genius and Creative buttons were given to people who were seen doing something creative or genius. The MC of the event, Ze Frank, had his own button to give away to whomever he wanted. I got to man the game booth for most of the event and give out the buttons. People really loved the game and the buttons.

Here’s a shot of me wearing 3 of my favorite buttons: