I worked on a retail environment design project where I extrapolated blueprints and engineering drawings to create fleshed-out design presentations for the client. The presentations also acted as reference instructions for the on-site contractors to figure out how to build out the space. The client was Juul, a global e-cigarette company, who focuses on helping smokers find a new way to quit cigarettes. SET Creative and Juul designed and built brick-and-mortar stores that combined a retail sales area, product education area, and cafe/lounge area. Unfortunately the locations I worked on were canceled because Juul had to discontinue their North American product marketing due to a lawsuit. I spent the most time and effort on the Oklahoma City location. I created floor plans, elevations, and fixture views in Illustrator, based on the floor plan and the 3D SketchUp file from the lead designer.” Here are some example pages from the main presentation I put together.

I’ve removed the brand’s logo from the images just in case. Also, the magenta slash in the lower right hand corner indicates that the designs are work in progress, and haven’t had final client approval.